Support in the Community

Being a part of the local community is important to so many people and it is certainly important to us!

Blueberry Hill Care believes that getting out, socialising and meeting other likeminded people can have a huge impact on someones life.

It can be as simple as getting out to do your shopping once a week or a night down the pub!

We can support you to have a look out and see what is going on in your local area.

We offer support to get out and go to local events or even further afield.

Holidays and day trips are also an option!

You may not be sure what it is you want to do or you may just want a bit of company from a support worker but we can certainly have a chat with you about what interests you have and either point you in the right direction or support you to get something organised.

The best way is to give us a call on 01707 881 258 or come and see us on a Wednesday at the Ludwick Methodist church in Woodhall where our Zumba session and cafe is held.

We look forward to seeing you!